• Production Equipments
Sand Casting line with automatic feeding conveyors 3
Gravity Casting Machine 8
Moulding Machine 17
Die Casting Machine 7
Core Shooting Machine 85
Cold Box Core Machine 8
Hot Box Core Machine 170
Horizontal CNC Machining Centre 4
Vertical CNC Machining Centre 80
Vertical CNC(with rotatable worktable ,4axes) 18
NC Wire Cut Machine 1
Numerical Control(CNC)Lathe and Other Types of Lathes 36
Drilling,Milling,Planer, Grinding Machine 58
Shot Blasting Machine 3
Temper Resistance Furnace 6
Artificial Aging Furnace 3
Vacuum Compressive Impregnation Tank 4
 Gas Generator 2
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 3
Pressure Testing Machine 8
Furnace 20
Oven 8
Degassing impeller 4
Air compressor 15
  • Testing Equipments
Vertical Spectral Analysis Machine
Bench Spectral Analysis Machine
Three-Dimensional Computerised Measuring Machine(CMM)
X-Ray Machine
Thermal Analysis System 
Density Index Tester
Hydrogen Tester
Coated Sand Tester
Moulding Sand Testing Kit
Optical Hardness Tester
Digital Tensile Testing Machine
Mechnical Property Tester included yield test 
Thermal Couple
Industrial Endoscope
Pressure Testing Machine
Thermal Hygrometer 
Thickness Tester
Electronic Analytical Balance 
Metallugical Polishing Machine
Metallugical Sample Pre-Grinding Machine
Metallugical Sample Cutting Machine
Minitype Metallugical Microscope
Spectral Analysis Machine
Three-Dimensional Computerised Measuring Machine (CMM)
X-Ray Machine